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Release Notes

What's new in SchoolWorkSpace



New Features

  • Learning Support staff required flag for an exam room session

  • Invigilators - able to pick / set an email address for staff

  • New seating plan printout - compact crossed with small for invigilators

Bug fixes

  • Exam basedata view - date order and scroll

  • Copy invigilators from an old season - don't copy if the staff is a leaver.



Bug Fixes

  • Exam Attendance tab - name display & AM/PM filter

  • ExamsAid with no exams and 2 factor caused infinite redirects

  • Datasync from Bromcom some staff Names were blank

New Features

  • New Candidate Large Photo card report

  • Import EDI entries files - an alternative to the candidate statement of entry.

  • Teaching Group Levels - Foundation, Intermediate, Higher and Mixed

  • Add exam by subject to use the Teaching Group Levels to create tiered exams.

From previous releases

  • Invigilator schedule - show duration of exams

  • Import Results files

  • Print result slips -

  • Results shown on pupil portal



Bug Fixes

  • Print invigilators schedule now works over multiple seasons

New Features

  • Add season in ExamsAssist - add candidates from a group assigns temp cand no

  • Curriculum for Wales - started



Bug fixes

  • Invigilators display Exams with no non extra-time candidates show normal duration and end time

  • import UCI from Xporter - extract CandNo if possible



New Features

  • Date time format option to include seconds on the invigilator clocks

Bug fixes

  • More space between buttons on invigilator popup to prevent mis clicks

  • Better double click detection on the exam attendance buttons.



New Features

  • Exam End and Late start - prompt for actual time

  • Exams AA Excel download additional worksheet for candidates and arrangements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed allocating a candidate to a Room+Seat from the candidate tab when already allocated to a different room



New Features

  • Date Filter for Reports for Invigilators, Rooms and Candidates

  • New Invigilators for date report

  • New Candidate List by Date report

Bug Fixes

  • Notes icon missing on seating plan printouts

  • Sometimes Laptop & Computer Reader icons missing on seating plan printouts

  • Change Room and Seat by invigilators not prompting for a reason and not logged

  • Change Room and Seat by invigilators for an absent candidate marked them as started in the new room with the old rooms start time (should only happen for Present candidates)

  • Student/Parent portal only now shows current and future exams

  • Entries TSV import if component changes date, type or duration then edit the internal component definition



New Features

  • New printout "Exam Skeleton Timetable" Date,time,room,exams,invigilators - by date or by room

  • New option on printout "Exam Room Timetable" to either be by room or by date

  • New option on printout "Invigilator Schedule" for double sided - to insert blank pages if the number of pages for an invigilator is odd

  • Invigilator view increase size of the End Time display

  • Excel schedule download - add date range filter and multi season options.

  • Add End Time and Exam Component names to Schedule excel download

  • Improved formatting of the Invigilators Schedule when included in an email.

  • Add last parent viewed and last student viewed when they login and look at their exams tab. (UI to display this to follow)

  • Invigilator Pause renamed to "Emergency Stop" as was mistakenly being used for Supervised Rest Breaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Apostrophes in names being encoded in the header of the candidate timetable report.

  • Daily Planner tab do not show Training components in Live season and vice versa.

  • Candidate component card printout - the border colour was not always set.



New Features

*Schedule Tab - As the Summer Season has started a new filter has been added to view only active exam and not exams in the past. If a date is selected its now possible to scroll back and forward to the next and previous day.

*Invigilators Link - If a candidate is on SRB or has gone to the toilet, the seat now turns blue making it visually easier to identify the candidates not in the room.

*Added the ability for the invigilators to Mark all Blank to Present from the attendance register tab.

*It’s now possible for the Exams Officer to delete a log entry eg A malpractice added by accident.

*Reports - The Rest Break Cards only now print for the candidates entitled to SRB.

*The end time has been added to the newly created room schedule report.

*Some additional columns has been added to the Invigilator excel download to include the number of sessions and total minutes for each invigilator.

*Parental and Pupil Portal - Added the ability for the timetable to be printed.



New Features

  • Add Exams and Schedule items for SIMS imported seating

  • Edit exams that have been created.

  • Ability to edit the Candidate Number

  • Show student photo on invigilator popup if available.

  • On Student Exams tab default to Exam timetable if any exams in the next 30 days.

  • Daily Planner AA tab : show notes and include on printout.



New Features

  • Add to Timetable - Exam/Oral/Practical

  • Add to Schedule - Roaming & Supervised Room



New Features

  • Rest breaks and Allowances card printouts added/updated

  • Compact seating plan tidied to put forename and surname on 2 lines - no middle names

  • Added dates and times to AA Excel Download

  • Added AA for date Excel download to daily tab

  • Schedule Excel Download - added Room Schedule

  • Added Schedule for date Excel download to daily tab

  • New Exam Season setting to "Invigilators DISABLE Online Functions"

  • New Exam Season setting to allow "All Invigilators can Search Candidates"

  • Table page sizes added an All option

  • Reader Pen icon added

Bug Fixes

  • Seating allocate doesn't stop after 200 seats

  • Google login fixed - now using new full page redirect method

  • Rooms tab shown even if no timetable

  • Unable to add invigilators if lots already there - increased max storage space for invigilators by 3

  • Edit subject for element in entries now updates the timetable rather than requiring it to be built



New Features

  • Exam Entries - if no subject then use the element name to set a subject

  • Exam Timetable tab highlighting clashes

Bug Fixes

  • Note and info icons showing smaller than other AA icons

  • Exams > Invigilators > All Dates > Download - limited to dates in the current season

  • Exams > Training Season - Exam Names to start with the subject.

  • Exams > Entries by Subject for subjects with & in them e.g. Art & Design



New Features

  • Seating Plan printouts – add count of number of seats for each exam in the footer

  • Invigilators able to add a note for each date



New Features

  • The Exams Officer is now automatically assigned as a roaming invigilator to each exam season, any member of staff assign as an Exams Officer in the Staff Roles will have this role. There is no need to assign any members of staff with this role to the season, the invigilator link on their homepage will work.

  • IT Invigilator Type has been created. This type is the same as the roaming link but will only display the rooms that have any IT required i.e., Laptops or Computer Readers.

  • It’s possible to identify that an Exam Room needs IT/AV Equipment. A checkbox can be found in the invigilation allocation popup.

  • Events Tab – The Late Start and Seat Movement has now been added to this tab.

  • Defying the room size – It’s possible to select a room in the room tab to define the number of columns and rows within the room. This is required to be check to make sure the move candidate works correctly.

  • Move Candidates – It’s now possible for an invigilator to move a candidate within an exam room from one seat to another. Navigate to the action button on either the attendance registers or seating plan, select Move Seat and select any of the blank seats and provide a reason.

  • Invigilator Note – The invigilator is able to provide a note when they are providing their availability for an exam season. These notes can be provided per date and can be visible when scheduling the invigilator to a room.

Bug Fixes

  • The Allowance Report no longer displays candidates with no AA.

  • The Attendance Register in the invigilator link now displays the seat number in the correct numerical order.



New Features

  • Messenger import Pupil Premium Group Membership

  • Messenger option to send to Staff Work Email only

  • Exam Entries & Timetable inclusion on Forms

  • Forms validation rules

  • Forms likert rating type

  • Meetings - variable length Parents Evening sessions

Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox lists and counting number of places

  • Checkbox lists and charts

  • No send of forms with Exam entries/timetable if none for a student

  • Anonymous not a robot check - prevent form submission until checked



New Features

  • Exam Entries Import from SIMS

  • Exam Timetable import from Xporter

  • Forms - Exam Entries / Timetable can be included on a Form

  • Forms - link to behavior writeback

  • Forms - Attendance multiple columns and import from Messenger

  • Forms - Option to exclude blanks from charts

  • Seating Plans - take Attendance

  • Seating Plans - double click to remove a student

  • Seating Plans - add Student & add Staff for guest to the group

Bug Fixes

  • A Few bug fixes



New Features

  • Seats and Places counting - add 'tickets' as an option

  • Seats, Places and Tickets - option to add number of tickets counter (column_count)

  • Ability to multi select students and groups when adding to a form

  • Gradebooks - separate module to Homework module

  • Gradebooks - daterange for writeable grades

  • Parents Evening - RSVP for meetings

  • Parents Evening - Live update of meetings in progress

  • Parents Evening - copy and edit of group memberships

  • Parents Evening - Variable staff slot length

  • Forms & Meetings - add to meeting from form results

Bug Fixes

  • Forms re-order sections auto collapse javascript error when dropping at the top

  • Forms - download Attendance values

  • Parent Forms with valid Anonymous link

  • Form Charts for checkbox list

  • Gradebooks - better layout



New Features

  • Seating Plan Conduct & Attendance

  • Attendance % and late/unexplained in forms

  • Meeting and Parents' Evening module - ability to add additional participants

  • Add to meeting for selected form recipients

Bug Fixes

  • Reminders Sending Multiple times



New Features

  • Forms - New experimental feature for limiting responses for a single option by adding (30 spaces) to the radio option. Number will count down as forms are submitted and when zero will be disabled.

  • Seating plan last edited timestamp

  • Seating plans main menu entry

  • Seating plans [None] displayed in the list so can be searched for

  • Seating plans – click on group now pops up a group details modal so you can see teachers and students linked to the group

  • GradeBooks – excel download

  • GradeBooks – student popup to include staff name and date

Bug Fixes

  • Forms repeat schedule cope with Summer Time better

  • Forms – printing cope with show/hide rules on checkboxes

  • Homework - reminders, alerts and todo count only for type “Homework”

  • Homework - student homework list not show internal grades

  • GradeBooks - Add new for subjects with a space in the name



New Features

  • All Seating Plans For a student

Bug Fixes

  • Scheduled send of Form not queued if no change to the default time

  • XoD sync for for M5 schools not removing old M5 groups once enabled



New Features

  • Forms Tab view

  • Internal Process Forms for Staff

  • Forms Analysis Tab and dashboards

  • Forms Attendance writeback

  • GradeBooks - for collecting homework, classwork, coursework etc.



New Features

  • Internal process forms - allow for multiple rows per student

  • Attendance Forms - show when updated and by who

Bug Fixes

  • Send form - tidy up showing and hiding controls for different types

  • Forms button layout on mobile

  • Change schedule modal improved and added Email and SMS options

  • Auto refresh results - cope with new rows added



New Features

  • Form Attendance reason added as a note to attendance writeback

Bug Fixes

  • Form Attendance Date range not being applied when creating a form and calculating custom tokens on form create.



New Features

  • Attendance - New Form control for Absence No reason to prompt parents to explain

  • Attendance - display for a student

  • Attendance - edit for a student

  • XoD import - new option to import address

Bug Fixes

  • Required form controls with older browsers that do not enforce

  • Ability to edit the template name for a form sent from a template

  • Unable to clear the theme for a form back to blank default

  • XoD import user defined groups not in search results.



New Features

  • Auto refresh of form results, click the refresh button to enable

  • more forgiving tiny url's to cope with extra spaces and slashes caused by cut and paste errors


07/06/2021 - hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Check for Form Id clash for repeat scheduled forms

  • Attendance search count greater than


New Features

  • Forms Create new Occurrence option

  • Forms Attendance tokens

  • Admin function for adding Api tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Remove reminder

  • Forms Reminder SMS


11/05/2021 - Hotfix

Bug Fix

  • Add form from template Go button java-script error

  • big wordy buttons replaced with icons and tooltips a the top of forms



New Features

  • Form preview images and Tiles view of forms

  • UI tweaks in Forms for simplified navigation

  • Help Navigation in right side drawer

  • Parents Evening Module renamed to Virtual Meetings to reflect the flexible nature of the meetings possible.

  • Seating plans - Templates

  • Seating plans - show student tags

Bug Fixes

  • Markdown of numbering 1. 2. etc at the start of a prompt being replaced with 1. for all controls

  • Add none to the reminder Duration dropdown so can be cleared



New Features

  • Duplicate form component / section

  • Staff login using Work Email only

  • Can add a manual staff/admin login from Staff Logins

  • Popup of details on Staff Logins

  • Form preview shows the theme in the popup

  • Payment settings on results page

Bug Fixes

  • Dates on forms when editing dates are lost or month/day swapped

  • Send to form messenger address book person didn't send

  • Printing form charts - don't show the menu

  • On Form send page if SchoolMoney payment settings required remove the warning when they have been set.



New Features

  • Add Schedule option to a form to enable resending on a schedule

  • Staff roles - show email and username

  • Form Results - new Filter 'search' for text based search of the form content

  • Show priority of parents on the detail popup

Bug Fixes

  • Schedule and code change with Password protected forms

  • Multiple form submits possible if the browser re-submits the form - now unique id is added to the form and if resubmitted an error is show,

  • Internal forms - remove the reminder option



Bug Fixes

  • Staff Roles Edit not including T2P and Messenger Users to enable adding SMT role

  • Logging of Form preview email sending



New Features

  • Ability to limit form results to users in smt/admin roles

  • Covid dashboard details only for users in smt role.


22/03/2021 - hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Repeat schedule forms with Passwords users locked out

  • Remove edit from detail popup for imported contacts

  • Internal and future send forms displayed in Xpressions app

  • Mobile number not shown on the detail popup



New Features

  • Student Detail popup from Forms results

  • Filter form results by Replied & not Replied

  • Covid Tests view now will pick up any positive component not just "TestResult"

  • Edit Forms now possible to collapse sections so they can be dragged together or over.

  • Xpressions Form plugin



New Features

  • Webhook and email on submission option to only if positive

  • If viewing a group then show members tab first

  • Set tag on student/staff if covidtest is positive (so we can use in future)

  • New help page /Help/SeatingPlans

  • Webhook email - multiple addresses now possible

  • Xpressions Forms Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • Double encoding of Radios and Checkbox lists causing £ to show as #

  • better error message if viewing a popup of an archived form

  • Rules showing required components inside hidden sections stop the form from being submitted.



New features

  • Multi submit forms - ability to set a forms to allow "Submit another response"

  • Covid reports - for covidtest results

  • new Covid dashboard to list recent results and positive tests

  • Multi schedule form popup and only one shown in the list

  • Form checkbox default to selected option



New Features

  • Form results long column names now tooltip rather than always show

Bug Fixes

  • Download results xls now not styling column and rows causing excel to try and print 177k pages!

  • Remind selected - wasn't



New Features

  • Visual changes - tables now with a black header,

  • Help drawer button animates to show its there

  • Help Forms - layout and terminology improvements

  • Embedded (T2P and M5) the menu is now fixed on the top

  • Repeat Schedule for forms - for covid flow test results (repeatschedule)

  • New and featured templates to put recent ones at top of the add form list

  • Tags on forms - so can report on results (covidtest)

  • New basic covid results reports added to show results over time

  • Reminders on a template can be set to as little as 1 hour - for the fast turn around time for frequent covid flow test

  • Ability to set a css class on a form text component e.g. alert-danger

  • Form Input time

  • Ability to set the default to now for date and time inputs

  • Email receipts possible on anonymous form submission - pick which entered email to receive the receipt.

  • Form results - filter positive and negative

Bug Fixes

  • Timeout generating pdfs and zip files of pdfs - moved to async and blob download

  • If user selects form result rows who have replied and does remind selected then those already replied will be excluded from the reminders.



New Features

  • Form Themes - more settings and click preview to edit.

  • Floating panel when editing forms and templates to scroll to top and bottom and add a component

  • Form Prompts, Labels and options markdown enabled

  • New Rule for is between that can be used with date inputs

  • Anonymous Forms - embed code

Bug Fixes

  • Add Rule now can be positioned in a form rather than always at the end.



New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Printing Forms now formats the dates as per School Preferences

  • Display issues with Prices in forms - Prices now only picked up if Payments is enabled



New Features

  • Form - Tickboxes can now be required - e.g. Tick here to confirm you have read X

Bug Fixes

  • Reminders will not be sent for stopped forms

  • Downloading Password protected forms

  • SchoolMoney - Can Edit responses - only if not paid



New Features

  • Print a results as a table

Bug Fixes

  • Download Form Results Excel - column alignment issue

  • Safari Mac and iOS iframe cookies being blocked

  • Form results printout signatures not showing as image

  • Required Office use only form inputs - parents unable to submit the form

  • Sending a form to staff and deselect them - still sends to all staff in the group



New Features

  • T2P AllStaff group renames to All Staff/Other to reduce confusion



New Features

  • Excel Form output separate Forename and Surname so can be sorted.

Bug Fixes

  • Tickboxes on forms - other option now working

  • Security Headers - added new Features Header

  • Estab/School County from LEA for Eduspot sales lead allocation



New Features

  • Printing Form Charts

  • new Attachments Token possible so links can be inserted anywhere in the form rather than always at the bottom

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar attachments to a form



New Features

  • Form Chart Settings - Show/Hide Charts and choose type pie/donut/list

Bug Fixes

  • Printing Form Charts - hide buttons and prevent page break in middle of a chart.

  • Password Protected form - Use Password on Excel Download too.



New Features

  • New option to hide form responses. Added to send form screen and form settings modal.

  • You can now Password Protect the responses to a form



New Features

  • Rules based on rating value

  • Add hint to the top of options list to show how a value can be set

  • allow different help content for M5 and T2P forms

Bug Fixes

  • Forms printing selected with many rows selected

  • Forms Print all with response filter ignored the filter

  • Trim whitespace from rule value

  • Increase height of Form textarea



New Features

  • Login with Groupcall Messenger

  • Detentions for Conduct Module including Writeback to the MIS (SIMS only currently)



New Features

  • Form Photo upload - prompt users to upload an image.

  • Add Form - separate the templates by type

  • Add Form - icon on tile

  • Other Settings modal to allow change of forms host url from the default ( & options)

  • Theme option for boxing inputs and sections

  • Ability to select where to add a form control (start or end of form)

  • Form Tickbox List & Radios options into columns

  • Messenger import AddressBook contacts

  • Rules - Regex matches and concatenated columns

  • Add set School Logo to the top of the Forms page.

Bug Fixes

  • Seating Plan - drag to move tables

  • Radio cope with "a) Something (in brackets)"



New Features

  • Printing Form responses - options dialog

  • Printing - pdf output

  • Printing - zip of pdf files

  • Printing - table of results per student

  • Duplicate column name warning on form building

  • Delete Theme

Bug Fixes

  • Forms with column name "Model" throwing errors on submission

  • Importing exported form definitions json as a template

  • Printing forms - truncating textarea with more than 3 rows



New Features

  • Half and Third width form controls

  • Download a form definition json from from builder.

  • New Form from form definition json file.

  • Form setting "All Positive" where if multiple positive questions then all must be positive for the form result to be positive - currently only one answer needs to be positive.

Bug Fixes

  • When editing a form component reduce the possibility of clicking on the background closing the popup and loosing the changes.

  • Positive for checkboxes if multiple are positive then all must be positive for it to be positive now.

  • checkboxes - remove , from values as the selected on submission are comma separated.

  • Positive answers not using a separate specified value "A) option a"



New Features

  • Group types other than Reg and Year on form add groups popup

  • Forms Signup - prompt for name and email

Bug Fixes

  • Copy Form and delete components - result columns not removed.



New Features

  • Added Students Year Group to the form download results excel file

Bug Fixes

  • Email form preview for T2P not being sent

  • Email forms to Staff for T2P



New Features

  • Teachers2Parents Forms integration released

  • Forms Expired page and form to ask for a quote.

  • Help side drawer for Forms

  • Staff Roles - sort and search

Bug Fixes

  • A few little bugs squashed



New Features

  • Forms Module for Teachers2Parents (T2P)

Bug Fixes

  • Form Send Now button can be clicked with no recipients selected

  • Trial banner with expiry date now less in your face




  • Very long complex form failing to save - zip longer forms before saving

  • show forms trial end date



New Features

  • Corona Virus - extend Forms trials to end of August

  • Templates can now define optional form sections based on selections at form creation time (Show If in advanced options)

  • Inherited templates can now be customised.

  • New inherited template for staff working from home Health and Safety survey.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Rule check for blank to show hide items fixed

  • Remove office use only advanced options for template components

  • Teachers2Parents integration (ongoing)



New Features

  • Data Collection Forms - Preview before send

  • Data Collection Forms - Edit the mapping template

  • Can now delete form result rows

  • Forms For Teachers2Parents

  • Login With Teachers2Parents credentials

Bug Fixes

  • Forms containing Ratings using the HTML editor fixed

  • Form builder improved for Mobile & tablets



New Features

  • New Report generator for reporting on data in SchoolWorkSpace

  • New Quick Conduct module for easy staff recording of Behaviour and Achievement events

  • Api for the new SchoolWorkSpace App (in development)

Bug Fixes

  • Forgot Password & Register emails

  • Chrome v80 cookie attribute fix



Bug Fixes

  • Result column aliases - was possible to loose columns if a new column is added with an old columns old name

  • Leavers imported from M5 were not put in Leavers group



New Features

  • Form Result - Columns Clickable for Sort and Rename

Bug Fixes

  • Form Columns with no name

  • Expired forms with signature - remove sample signature image



New Features

  • New Form Results Action - Edit Columns to edit the name and show/hide columns.

Bug Fixes

  • Null exception displaying results for a single form.


New Features

  • Form checkbox option to add/remove student from group.

  • New Homework Stickers 'Like' and 'Smile'

  • Parent logged in view with only one child improved

  • New School Setting option to add a Login link to end of a form

Bug Fixes

  • Search by email address fixed


Bug Fixes

  • Homework - various minor fixes

  • Seating Plans caching issue

  • Exception if yeargroup for an entity is null

  • New login codes only if there are some

  • Exception on /Home/About


New Features

  • Better handle change of column names after a form has been sent.

  • Can now search for people by email

  • Student login - show read-only popup of forms sent to parents

  • New option for a school to enable web notifications

  • Enhanced Forms - Merge reports - merge and attach Word documents to a form.

  • Seating plans can now work without XoD inegration

  • SchoolWorkSpace App (coming soon) support

  • Homework enhancements based on feedback

  • New Resend Form option on send log in-case the original send using Messenger failed.

  • Student and Parent logins - archive older forms and load them on request

  • New Setup Logins option on School Settings for creating and downloading unique login codes for Students, Staff and Parents

  • Ability for Students, Staff and Parents to login with a login code and set (and verify) an email address to login to

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to send forms with a due date in the past

  • Create template, add attachment then create form form template threw an error

  • Email addresses with spaces at end


New Features

  • Form inputs 'for office use' either displayed readonly or hidden from end user.

  • Ability to create and set your own Form Themes

  • Data Collection forms now Save the Excel file

  • new Option on a form to allow the response to be edited.

  • Parents (or staff/students) can login & register to see all the forms they have been assigned


New Features

  • Can now delete rows for a form if the row has not been sent yet.

  • Added [[due]] and [[subject]] form tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile layout for forms improved.

  • Forms - prevent sending reminders before a form has been sent

  • More logging to Form Log on send

  • Improved handling of groups with form add recipeints


New Features

  • Forms Sent Direct to Parents on the results and download show the names of their children..

  • Xporter import options for UPN, Admission No, SEN, PP etc - if selected then these shown as visual indicators (tags) on Student tiles.

  • Can now search by the Xporter import options (UPN, SEN etc)

  • Schools can upload their logo in forms (Settings and click the logo)

  • Data Collection (Enhanced) forms now check the excel file when uploaded to feedback schema match (columns), number of rows & students found.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile layout for form results improved.

  • Email & SMS status feedback improvements.

  • Form preview emails now being sent via Messenger

  • Fixed issue copying anonymous forms where the url was not reset

  • Fixed issue copying archived forms and not clearing the no more responses checkbox.


New Features

  • Ability to set preferred date and time display format and school timezone.

  • Xporter import options for Leaver and New Intake

Bug Fixes

  • Form submission with cookies blocked returns Not Found error

  • Blank error toasts on ajax request fails.


New Features

  • Theme picker for Form Templates

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Data Collection Forms Date formats

v1.31 (hotfix)

New Features

  • Forms without Data Sync for Anonymous only forms

Bug Fixes

  • Better display of M5 Omissions in the Form send Results


New Features

  • Theme selection and Reminder Date on Form Send screen

  • Import Groupcall Messenger Omissions list

Bug Fixes

  • Was sending forms to Messenger Omitted parents.

  • Preview Form emails were not being sent


New Features

  • A template can now define a duration and reminder number of days, that will apply when the template is used to create a form.

  • Added tooltips to describe template/form components.

  • Added date of last activity on the form list.

  • When creating a form from a template you now can skip the editing phase and go right to the send phase.

  • Users can now register their email to login with a password as well as logging in using Groupcall Idaas, Groupcall Messenger, Microsoft or Google.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Rules for tick box list

  • Form attachments - increase max size to 16mb and check in browser if too large


New Features

  • Form Themes - select background images and colour schemes

  • You can now customise the text used for email, SMS and Xpressions messages

  • Form Results Filtering - added the option to filter by response date

  • Radio Buttons can now optionally have an other input.

  • If using Xod for data sync then Student Admission number included in the form results download.

Bug Fixes

  • Creating a form from a template the type was not copying over to the form


New Features

  • Optional Enhanced Forms Module for Data Collection Forms

Bug Fixes

  • Form Results edit button moved to the left to reduce scrolling.

  • Form Rules stop enforcing Required on hidden items

  • < and > in text was sometimes throwing an error

  • Users can't view the content of expired forms.

  • Send reminder always reseting the selection


New Features

  • Guest / Anonymous Forms

  • New Form component type: Rating - Stars, Emoji 1-5 or 1-10

  • Form Results can now be filtered by group membership - filter also applied to results download and charts.

  • When creating a Form from a template you now have the option to use the new form builder.

  • Form builder forms can now be copied or turned into form templates.

  • With forms with positive responses you can now set the limit responses on the send page rather than from the results page.

Bug Fixes

  • Don't show expired forms as read-only when email link is clicked.

  • A few little layout bugs fixed



  • Add missing built in templates back


New Features

  • You can now build a form without a template

  • Forms can have multiple attachments

  • Forms can be scheduled for sending in the future

  • You can now delete selected archived forms.

  • You can now archive,import & export selected templates

  • New Rules option for forms to Show/Hide times based on input e.g. show "please specify" entry when "Other" is selected.

  • Selected Form responses can now be used to create/edit a Messenger Saved Group.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Send Form button being clicked more than once causing the form to be sent twice.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a problem saving a form with a column name "Description"


New Features

  • You can now archive selected forms.

  • Add the MIS id to Forms result Excel download

  • Form Result Charts

  • Print selected responses

Bug Fixes

  • Print All Responses was not including all responses sometimes


New Features

  • You can now limit the number of positive responses for a form

  • You can Archive sent forms

  • You can List and Restore archived Forms

  • You can now have Multiple attachments for a form

Bug Fixes

  • You can now remove attachments for a form


New Features

  • Forms can now have a Signature box

Bug Fixes

  • When editing the form content you can now edit the 'is positive' checkbox.

  • Improve UI flow for a Form that has already been sent

  • No message sent to a form recipient if they have already been sent the form - use reminders function

  • Forms with column names longer than 150 and/or non alpha-numeric chars should now save the value for that result.


New Features

  • On Template flag a response value as 'positive'

  • Positive responses shown on results screen

  • Ability to select recipients manually or by status - replied / positive

  • Send reminder to selected recipients

  • Send message to selected recipients

Bug Fixes

  • Schedule reminders for > 1 day in the future

  • Some MIS are setting $salutation$ to SURNAME, Forename


New Features

  • Ability to send forms to Priority 1 parents only

  • Can now schedule reminders

  • New Email Status Icons on Form Results page

  • Print blank form


New Features

  • Edit Form Settings for Due Date, Close form and Close Form Message

  • Column/Result Name moved from advanced to top of the template item popup

Bug Fixes

  • SMS status processed and displayed on Form Results page

  • Form Column headers limited to 150 chars (over 250 chars would throw an error and prevent the response being recorded)


New Features

  • Groupcall Messenger Integration

  • Free 1month Forms Trial

  • First Release Notes

  • Gender Tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Form Preview Email token replacement